CartoonBrew: Coronavirus and Animation Studios


This is a response to CartoonBrew's call to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/studios/coronavirus-outbreak-animation-studios-in-l-a-are-asking-artists-to-work-remote-187690.html

Hey pals, hope you're doing well in these turbulent times. From the beginning, Thinko Animation studio has been an entirely distributed team. So, when the dumpster fire of coronavirus reared its head, we were weirdly incredibly ready. We've been remote friendly from the beginning. We're a studio that has consumer internet software in its DNA. The backbone of Thinko is powered by special infrastructure we built, called HyperMesh

HyperMesh Media operates in the "cloud". I hope it doesn't rain!

Early HyperMesh Dashboard. It's like twitter, but everyone is creative, and there are no Nazis!

At animation studios, the creative work happens around dense networks of files. For most studios, they use dated, offline and archaic prosumer tools to run productions. At Thinko, HyperMesh connects people, media, and bots operating on the media, to automate much of the studio. To the people, HyperMesh feels like a fun little social network to everyone on the team. To the bots - it's a feast of media to render, process and distribute. Our latest daily show called Starby Tips runs on almost autopilot (we shoot an episode in ~ 1 min, and we’ve automated editing, compositing, and audio mixdown) thanks to this technology.

This virus thing blows. I hope you're holding up alright. In the meantime, we're going to try our best to just keep making more funnies in this dark time. We could all use some more laughs.

We'll also be releasing some videos showing how HyperMesh works in more detail, but in the meantime, feel free to shoot any questions to pasquale@thinko.com

Don't forget to wash your hands.

Love, Pasquale D'Silva
CEO, Thinko Animation Studio
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